Upcoming Races

June 12

Dog Days of Summer 5K at Éilan San Antonio

October 8

Texas Wine Series at Llano Estacado 5K, 10K and HALF Marathon in Lubbock, TX

October 15

GUSTO Half Half Marathon, 12K and 5K (location TBA)

October 15

October 16

Texas Wine Series at Becker Vineyards 5K and 10K in Fredericksburg, TX

November 13

GUSTO Push 20Mi, 10Mi and 5K at Salado Creek Trails

Carrera Races is committed to the awareness and fundraising objectives of nonprofit organizations.

Our turnkey Race-in-a-Box™ provides everything you need to host a 5K run fundraiser for your organization in San Antonio and South Central Texas.

For information on how to Sponsor a Race, please Contact Us and thanks for stopping by!