Upcoming Races

April 11

April 25

April 26

May 2

June 13

July 26

Get GUSTO 5K & 10K, Location TBA

August 23

AuGUSTO Run 5K, 8K & 12K at Lady Bird Johnson Park

September 13

September 20

GUSTO Run 5K, 10K & 15K at Salado Creek Trails

October 17

October 18

GUSTO Challenge 5K, 12K & 13Mi at O.P. Schnabel Park Trails

November 15

GUSTO Push 5K, 10Mi & 20Mi at Wheatley Heights Sports Complex

Carrera Races is committed to the awareness and fundraising objectives of nonprofit organizations.

Our turnkey Race-in-a-Box™ provides everything you need to host a 5K run fundraiser for your organization in San Antonio and South Central Texas.

For information on how to Sponsor a Race, please Contact Us and thanks for stopping by!